Auto Glass Replacement Safety Practices

Auto Glass Replacement Safety is the number one priority at Nu-Life Auto Glass of Rock Springs. Did you know the windshield in your vehicle is certified as a safety device? This seemingly basic piece of glass provides structural integrity to your vehicle and provides resistance for the deployment of the passenger-side airbag. Your windshield also provides a "safety net" for your passengers in the event of a roll-over accident by keeping the occupants in the vehicle. Nu-Life Auto Glass employs these important steps to ensure your safety:

  • All Auto Glass Replacements are inspected for corrosion damage, leaks and other damage to the vehicle frame before the new auto glass is installed.
  • Nu-Life Auto Glass uses only auto glass industry approved adhesives to ensure a tight, water-proof seal every time. Our auto glass installers closely adhere to the manufacturer's recommended Safe Drive-Away Time for all windshield replacements.

"Safe Drive-Away Time" refers to the time the windshield adhesive needs to cure properly. Most shops use retention tape to temporarily secure the windshield and moldings to your vehicle. This tape should be CAREFULLY removed exactly the way described by Nu-Life Auto Glass. Nu-Life Auto Glass will not be liable for any damage to your vehicle's glass installation or moldings if advice is not adhered to. Also, paint finishes are not all equal and Nu-Life will not be liable for any failures or occurrences beyond our control. There are a lot of variables concerning pre and post replacement of your auto's glass. Please feel free to ask any questions you have regarding your replacement or the proper removal of installation material such as retention tape.